Below: Pinky (F) Left, and Brain (M) right are F6s

Below: F6s Tic Tac (brown) and Boo (snow)

Below:  Punkin is an F4 aby/savannah cross he is a red very cute little guy and friendly as well. Already fixed too.

Below: Left F3 Sumatra & baby F4 Tic aby/savannah

Below: in front Vader F4 boy with Ethyl F6 girl

                                      Vader SOLD

Below: Left is Leah F4 savannah/aby mix

Below: Mickey is a grey F5 aby/savannah cross

Below: Minnie is an F5 born last fall.  Is actually grey

Here are a couple of the F6 babies born Late Feb .


                Above:   Oestara the F3 who is the mom of kittens at top.  

She is retired and fixed now and available F3 mix. Special price~$450

                                                                                                            KING AND QUEENS

           Below: F5 queen Ysolde with two kittens from my abyssinian Amenhotep. They are one mon old here

                                   Ysolde has been retired now and is fixed and available F5 girl. Priced at $450.



                                                               Above: The beautiful F3 female Sumatra. Make me an offer~


  Ozark Mountain A small in-home  cattery in west central Indiana

  No  shipping. Pick-up prices.  All sales are In Person for Cash only.

    Email:                   Text:  765 350 0528

Ozark Mountain  is registered with the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry (R.E.F.R)

Cats and kittens are TICA registered

Located in West Central Indiana Putnam County west of Indianapolis and east of Terre Haute,  All cats/kittens are registered and have their shots. 

prices:  F6 starting at 450, F5 starting at 600, F4 starting at 750


                                               NOW ON GOOGLE PLUS CLICK THE LINK THAT FOLLOW IF YOU WANT  TO LOOK


                                                                                                               nap time~


                                                                                                          ADULTS FOR SALE

                                                                     Above Snow White F6 spayed female front view                              


Above left: Blossom a nice F4 girl in classic marble, fixed           Above Right: Peepeye F4 neutered male playful                             

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Penguin (below) is fixed black and white F6

Below: F4 baby Leah left, and Tammuz F4 boy rigtht




 Below: The beautiful Siduri she is an F4  *fixed*                        Hey! Who's that hiding in my shoe?  Awwww how cute!

                                                                                            Below: Bashfull f6 tabby girl 

Below: F6 off color Little Bo (already neutered)

Below: F6 spayed female Grumpy very friendly 


Below:  Female F4 Snow Istara she is smaller

Below:small Snow Savannah (fixed) Boo